Marvin Baumeister


Team Rider, R&D and Marketing

MarvinMarvin is the founder of KFA and has been into anything speed, including motorbike racing, for a long time. He has always felt the urge for speed and began kiteracing in 2012. Within only one year he became one of the top riders in the world, placing 9th at the 2013 World Championships, and finishing overall 9th in the 2013 IKA ranking.

He also won the prestigious, mother of all long distance races, Lighthouse to Leighton in Perth, Western Australia in 2013 setting a new record time. Marvin is passionate about every aspect of kiteboarding and watersports. Living in the always windy North Queensland, he finds himself in the perfect playground to run his business and school, Intheloop Australia, and go riding every day.

Marvin is always keen to push new limits and have fun while doing it. He is stoked about the new challenge kitefoiling presents and his opportunity to be part of Australia’s own Kitefoil brand working with some of the best guys in the sailing and kiting world, as well as top brands like Ozone Kites and Patagonia.