Bruno Lobo

bruno lobo

Nationality: Brazilian

Local Spot: Sao Luiz

Occupation: becoming a Doctor

My name is Bruno Lobo, I am 22 years old and I am from Brazil.
Sport and competition are an integral part of my life. Pushing and challenging myself mentally and physically to excel is what I live for.
My first competitive sport, and my natural fitness base comes from swimming. I first started swimming when I was 5 years old. Swimming competitively requires dedication and commitment and I thrived on the challenge.
Triathlon was a natural progression for me where my fitness helped me excel as a new comer to the sport.
I then moved onto more technical sports where it wasn’t just me and my body, it was me my body and a machine – motocross gave me a thrill I’d not experienced with endurance based sports like swimming or triathlon.
In 2010 I was a beach and I saw people flying over the water with just a board and a kite – with only the wind to power them. I knew immediately that this was the sport for me, the sport I’d do for life. Since then Ive been completely obsessed with kiting. My father and I kite every opportunity we can.
The addiction to the speed and power of the wind excites me more than anything so three years ago I started to train in the formula class. Ive recently progressed onto Foiling and I have been training full time for 6 months. Foiling is the sport I’ve chosen to excel in. Its like no other kiting discipline. The adrenaline I get from foiling, the desire to excel and improve bubbles out of my soul. Every day I improve. Every day I get faster. I love it. My swimming and triathlon background have taught me the discipline needed to prepare, practice and compete at an elite level. I want to Foil. I want to win, not just compete