About Us

Kite Foil Australia (KFA), Australia’s first company to commercialise kite foil manufacturing.

KFA has invested significantly in research and development to release a commercial kite foil. KFA has taken a boutique industry and commercialised.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge from manufacturing, design, marketing and professional kiting and sailing. Foil design is led by D3 Applied Technologies a consultancy and engineering company specialising in the field of fluid dynamics. We have also drawn on industry guru’s such as Paul Bieker (Oracle USA), Tom Speer (Oracle USA), Tom Schnackenberg (North Sails), Dario Valenca (CarbonicBoats), Marc Menec (IS3DE), and Justin Thomas (Thomas Engineering Aus).

KFA has employed the latest composite manufacturing processes developed by the aeronautical and automotive industry, resulting in a high quality, repeatable and superior strength product.

Our kite foil design allows for the interchangeability of wings for racing, speed or cruising. Our foils are extremely stiff both in the longitudinal and lateral planes ensuring minimal twist, resulting in a stable platform.

KFA foils are for the serious racers to the recreational sailor who just wants to experience the sublime sensation of hydro-foiling.

KFA wings are extremely stable for the beginner to grow and learn with confidence the very technical maneuvers of tacking and gybing. Once these maneuvers are mastered, then go race.

Our passion for kite surfing drives our desire to deliver best in class products.